Personal Finances with a Biblical Approach

You can be successful at managing money. With the right tools and foundation it is possible.

Terry Pena

Financial Coach

I am committed to sharing financial literacy that is based on biblical principles. The bible is amazing and gives us direction with money on so many topics.

I will come alongside you and with financial education and principles we will work towards building strategies to  accomplishing your financial goals and dreams. 

Creating Strong Foundations

Financial problems can make you lose your peace, cause problems in your family and conflict in your marriage.The debt, guilt and shame doesn’t allow you to move forward. But with God we can have victory.

What do we acomplish in a financial planning session ?


Include God in the journey


Work through past mindsets


Understand your financial goals


Create strategies that work


Build strong financial foundations


Accountability for longterm success

what people say

“A Terry saw and understood my vision and mission, had faith in me and guided me towards the steps I needed to take. One Tenth knows how to help people meet thier goals in a realistic way that includes God. Highly recommend.
Claudia A.
Our staff felt it was just what they needed to hear. Terry was personable and “real” . Finances for some can be already overwhelming but she made it relevant and digestible. It was a great workshop and I would love to continue to partner with her.
Terry helped me see how easy it is to put your finances in order when your honest about your spending with no judgement. With One Tenths coaching I was about to sit down and focus on where my money was going.
Taca M

It is time to accomplish your financial goals.

 Let’s schedule your one on one comprehensive financial planning session. Together we can build a plan that works for you.